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In literary studies, the essay is a free text of conventions and protocols,which stands between poetic and instructive language. Through the essay, you can talk about any subject that everyone wants, according to the point of view of its author. In essence, an essay is a text of an opinion, which reveals the author’s personal ideas and impressions on a particular topic.

In other words, this means that the essay is an argumentative and interpretative discursive genre, which represents attempts at critical and subjective reflection, in which the author takes a clear view and seeks to defend it in a logical and well-organized textual structure.

Thus, in the essay you can analyze a variety of topics: politics, philosophy, social customs, culture, morality, ethics, and so on. The essay can also distribute the scientific rigor of presenting specific evidence or scientific findings. Since there are no clear boundaries clearly demarcating essays of other genres, in general they are marked as works that do not fit into other classifications of the genre or the authors themselves, therefore they are already titling their works.

Therefore, the work on the essay is largely based on logical structuring and clear protection from the point of view of its author, fluent in rhetoric and persuasion. Often the author turns to other opinions already published on the same topic in order to strengthen the defense of his point of view and his arguments.

The first essay dates back to the sixteenth century, when the French philosopher Michel Eyquem de Montaigne composed his work “Essays”, published in 1580. Thus, Montaigne called his publication, because he intended to make it something easy, something like an outline of literature, just informal opinions. In subsequent years, the style will establish itself as a strong form of the expression of scholars in the field of literature and philosophy, gathering supporters in several countries.

Traditionally, “Essay as a genre” is divided into two different models: informal, which expresses a very specific and personal opinion about this reality without a pre-established background. And the other is the discursive or formal type, in which the text is convincing, amenable to reflection and the development of a more dense and extensive text, seeks to trace the logical line.

The essay became very popular in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries due to its nature of easy assimilation and transmission, especially informal essay. This is a type of text that proposes to present a discussion and reflect on a given topic, without adherence to rigor and scientific method; text that can be a discussion of ordinary citizens and in informal places, such as cafes across Europe in the nineteenth century.

That is why today the essay is one of the most popular assignments in schools, colleges and universities. Write essay title in the center of your sheet and unleash your thoughts; let your imagination and creativity do its work.

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