Write essay in 3 days

If you need to write an essay in a few days, but you absolutely do not know how to do this, then this is not a reason to despair. All famous essayists began with something, so if you go to write a good essay, you have to work a little and the result will not take long.

For example, you were asked at a school or university to write essay in 3 days, and you need to analyze a work or poem. Examine the poet and poem to provide context for analysis. Read about the poet’s personal history and study the time when the poem was written. Determine the genre of the poem. For example, an epic is a long poem about a hero’s journey, and an elegy is a lyrical work. Determine whether the poem follows a particular shape, such as a sonnet, or an ode. Rate the poem on the topic and identify important concepts.

Formulate a thesis after reviewing the poem and its context. Concentrate your argument in a few sentences, what is your statement. Look for evidence in a poem in support of your thesis.

Learn the metrics and rhymes to prove your essay topic. Identify any pattern in rhyme. English poetry is often written in iambic pentameter, a meter characterized by five feet of two syllables each. Learn how the poem reveals the poet’s intent. While the staccato rhythm can reveal rage, the playful rhyme may indicate entertainment. Examine value layers by identifying speech patterns such as metaphors, comparisons, and personification.

Make a plan when you collect evidence for your own reasons. Start with an introduction that puts forward your main thesis. Organize the evidence and the fact that your argument is moving forward in progressive stages. Each proof requires its own paragraph.

Write a short thesis for each proof in your draft that supports your main thesis. Make a conclusion that focuses on the elements of your analysis as a whole and more securely repeats your thesis after you have provided evidence.

Write your work with verbs in the present tense so that your prose is active and persuasive. Give a few quotes from a poem when you present evidence for your topic. Discuss the meaning and importance of these quotes in your analysis to establish the validity of your argument.

All these tips will help you write a quality essay very quickly, for this you only need to get acquainted with the materials on which you will work. Do not forget to also check your essay at the end so that there are no spelling or punctuation errors in the text.

This factor is also taken into account when checking the essay. Write an essay a few days before the deadline, so that you have the opportunity to read it the day after writing. Thus, you can objectively evaluate your work and understand all its disadvantages and advantages.

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