Write essay in 30 minutes

Writing a good essay is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. To do this, it is enough to carefully study the object of study, all the necessary literature for research, and also read a few basic principles of working with an essay.

For a start, it’s worth finding out what an essay is. The essay in its modern form arises from the question of how authority is formed in the means of knowledge production.

It is important to remember that the literary form must accompany the content that it carries. The text needs both form and content. That is, it is necessary that we choose a way to find out whether the bread will look like bread or donuts. Although the dough may be the same (as a result, you can make a pie or a bagel, which is also delicious).

Thus, this modern essay is born out of determination: in order to think otherwise, we must write differently. Our accumulation of questions, feelings and problems simply does not fit into the form of an essay. We need something else. Trial point. It can be said that an essay is an experimental way of thinking, an experimental way of writing, which still implies a thoughtful expression of thoughts that makes you think.

It is necessary to clearly indicate the reasons underlying our statements, no matter which of these goals we have in mind. Students, as a rule, consider that there is no need for much argumentation when this statement is self-evident for them; but it is very easy to overestimate the power of our own position. After all, we already accept it.

The student must assume that the reader still does not accept his position, and consider the essay as an attempt to convince the reader. Therefore, one should not begin the test with the assumption that those who do not accept our position are necessarily rejected. If we want to be able to convince people, we must proceed from general statements with which everyone agrees.

Therefore, when starting to write an essay, keep in mind the thought that you need not only to tell something about your essay, but also to convince your reader that your thoughts are correct. Start with a simple outline for an essay. This scheme will help you write essay in 30 minutes. These can be keywords or questions for each paragraph of your essay.

Take your time and think carefully about what questions you would like to answer in your essay. Then write an interesting introduction. Introduction, as a rule, takes no more than 10 percent of the entire text, so be careful.

Then, in the main part write your thoughts and retell the information that you managed to find. Remember that you must not only retell the words of other researchers, but also analyze this information. At the very end write a conclusion where you can express your thoughts and draw conclusions from all the work you have done.

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